how to deploy reference modules


i have installed OpenMrs Enterprise and want to install reference modules but where can i add *.omod module files to complete installation as system give me below error

In the folder where your runtime properties file is, you will see a modules folder where you are supposed to put the *.omod You could also look at the tomcat logs to get the location of the run time properties file folder.


thanks for your reply but i have two run time folders as below /root/.OpenMRS/ /opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.29/webapps/modules/

and i have checked both directories of modules and all .omod are exist is both but i still see the above pic which indicate that i didn’t have any module

Put your modules in the /root/.OpenMRS/modules folder and restart tomcat.

i have set them in the directory you mentioned and also restart Tomcat but still same message appear

Try press “CTRL + SHIFT + R” just incase it is a browser caching problem.

tried it and still problem exist i am running this environment on rhel 7

Can you paste your tomcat log file contents at and share the paste url?


Can you instead do a .zip?


Stop tomcat, delete all logs, then start tomcat and send the new logs.

ok but i have two paths for tomcat under /opt/ which one shall i use

apache-tomcat-6.0.29 tomcat6


Platform 2.x requires Java 1.8 Can you install and make tomcat use it?

ok but this was not mentioned in Installation guide

can you please tell me how can i force platform 2.x to use java 1.8 after install java 1.8

thanks in advance

On a side note, have you tried out the standalone version?

they mention that standalone version is not good for production use and i want this for production user

After installing Java 1.8, you may find it easier to just uninstall and reinstall tomcat.

still have same issue after remove and reinstall tomcat6