How to Deploy Modules in Standalone Reference Application

Have finally developed my first module with Openmrs and am looking for a wiki page that can direct me on how to deploy this module in standalone reference application.

You may want to look at this for starters

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After going through the page, I have not gotten an info about how to deploy a module on standalone reference application I need your guidance @odorajonathan

Have you tried running Openmrs with your module in the ways mentioned there?

I think building your module and deploying the .omod file within the modules folder in the standalone would do the trick @ruhanga @herbert24

for your scenario,you can try to use the sdk its simpler to make changes,build and deploy a module.@kdaud @odorajonathan

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@kdaud i agree with @odorajonathan,has it worked the magic for u ?

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@odorajonathan recommendation does it well. Am able to put the .mod file in referenceapplication-standalone-2.9.0/appdata/module/ However, after starting the application, where do i find the module

@kdaud i can click on the administration page and you will the link name of your module

@kdaud follow the steps here

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Succeeded after following the link Thanks @odorajonathan, @gcliff, @herbert24 for the help

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