How to deploy bahmniapps after new customization ???

Dear Concern, I need a help for being confident at my work. If someone can show me the solution, it will be a great help for me. I have followed the Setting up Bahmni Dev Environment link for development. I have linked my config folder and bahmniapps folder according to the documentation nicely using vagrant.

We have projects on live. I have made some customization by linking EMR UI and config to vagrant. It works fine locally. Now I wanna deploy the customization of bahmniapps and config on live. But I am not sure about how to do that in a standard way…

Our live project has been deployed already. For some issue we need to work on bahmniapps for some changes. I have worked on locally restoring the live database linking config folder and bahmniapps by vagrant… Now I wanna deploy my changes on live… Using ssh we have linked config file with git, can easily pull that on live to see the changes… But I am not sure about bahmniapps how to deploy the customization and the way of new customization or changes to show on live.

Please help me if someone is concerned about this.

Thanks and regards

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If the production is using default folder structure then the minified bahmniapps and bahmni config will be in /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmniapps/ /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmni_config/

To deploy your changes

  • Use grunt locally
  • Take backup of your production bahmniapps and config first
  • Copy the dist folder on your production to any folder other that the default mentioned above so that you can roll back if required
  • Create soft links to this new folder
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Thanks for your kind information… :slightly_smiling_face: I am concern about this… Is there any other better way for the new customization in bahmniapps that you know @ramashish Bro :slight_smile: ?