How to delete a faulty concept

Hello everyone. Can someone suggest how I can delete a faulty concept. I set it up incorrectly and now get this error in Dictionary: “Javax.el.ELException: Problem calling function ‘fn:length’”. I don’t need this concept but would like to delete it because the error is preventing a complete csv concept listing. i.e., the listing stops at the last concept created before the faulty one. Thanks. Mary

@maryp , can you explain a little more what you’re trying to achieve ??

  • How did you create the faulty concept in the first place , via the GUI , direct sql , or using the OpenMRS API in code ?

so deleting it ,would be as easy as the way you created it :wink:

you can delete it via the GUI (admin page ) , or you can write code that deletes it , or write an sql script directly on the DB

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Thanks for the reply. I created it (and many others) in Admin/Directory/new concept. Normally I would delete it in the same place (retire or delete) but the gui presents the error, so I’m stuck. I will get my techie partner to help write the code…Could you tell me, more specifically, where we would write/insert the sql? (We’re just getting started with Bahmni…learning where things are.) Thanks.

with the sql you would need to acces your running MySQL instance and write a script directly against the OpenMRS DB

. its not necesary to write code , just write a simple sql query to delete the faulty concepts

can you paste the full error the GUI is throwing ?? or paste your screen shot

Here’s the screenshot. thanks.