How to create custom fields in Bahmni for data storage?

Hello all! I’m Adithya from India and I am currently working on a healthcare project based on Bahmni, I am running Bahmni on Virtual Box. Currently Bahmni has a set of fields like the ones below. How can I create my own field additional to the ones already provided? Is there any documentation or link that can help me do it?

And If I can create a new field, how can I add/remove/modify the data entry fields within? Suppose I need an additional entry for “Aadhaar number” (similar to Social Security number), how do I create it? Further, if I have to remove a field like the “Death Information” at the bottom, how do I do it?

Please do provide any documentation/links that might be useful for my task! Thanking you, Adithya

Hi Adi,

Please follow the documentation for Patient Attributes.

here is the demo video for fields on registration page.

here is the demo video for death information on registration screen

Please go through this documentation for further customisations