How to configure openerp IP in bahmni (vagrant box)

Hi guys , i am going to setup openerp for bahmni in vagrant box. how to configure it.

Please follow Bahmni WIKI.

thank you for your reply but in my case with the available documentation i was able to successfully setting up the vagrant box and it is up and running by “vagrant up” cmd but when i select the openerp link it redirects to new tab with localhost

now i am trying to redirect it to my custom openerp server is there any doc or config file available for setup localhost path???


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Hi @mahesh, You can change /var/www/html/index.html file to point to your custom openerp. Just curious to know why do you want use custom openerp server??

You can put something like this to get custom OpenEPR as Bindu mentioned.

thanx @binduak and @swathivarkala for your reply . now it hits on my custom module . but is it enough also for atom feed connectivity? will feed be reflected on my custom odoo batabase ???

You will have to setup markers to subscribe to openmrs atomfeed events

thanx @swathivarkala ,how to setup the markers ?? is there any config file for that in openerp module ???

Please follow Bahmni WIKI to troubleshoot any issues related to EPR Sync. If you look at 3rd step in this wiki page, it talks about fixing Markers database table.