How to configure checkboxes for concepts?

How do I configure checkboxes for concepts, .e.g, in the attached screenshot, Asthma and Heart Disease?

I realize checkboxes are generated by the Boolean datatype, but diagnoses like Asthma cannot be boolean.

My guess would be to create a concept set each for Asthma and Heart Disease having a diagnosis and boolean concept. Any suggestions?

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As per this page:

See the section with this text: “If you are looking at Drop downs or multi-selects then each value in the Drop Down or option buttons need to be a concept…”

The above section talks about how you can create multi-value items with an example in the CSV. Basically creating a coded concept with answers.

I have successfully configured multi-value items.

My question is how to display these options as checkboxes in the UI, and optionally add a text box such as “Specify” in the “Surgery” example in the screenshot?

Currently this is how the multi-select appears:

As far as I know, Bahmni doesn’t have checkboxes.

@dsurrao any particular reason for using checkboxes vs multi-select button functionality that you have tried? IMHO the way it is designed currently is better as it gives more click area for user inputs, tablet / mobile friendly, uses concepts instead of booleans… If your concern is around capturing user entered text like “Surgery” --> “Specify” then it is possible to add those as additional fields which are enabled / disabled conditionally, as shown here.

@pkanchankar thanks for your response. i appreciate the design decision to use buttons, and can work with that.

just as an opinion, checkboxes seem to more clearly convey the idea in the UI that multiple selections can be made.