how to clean install OpenMRS-OpenELIS+Lab

Hello all, I am looking for OpenMRS-OpenELIS+Lab install document step by step. Mostly I am looking for Docker Openmrs and OpenELIS lab install instruction step by step process. if you know anybody please feel free let me know. Thanks

Bahmni integrates well with OpenELIS. You could try out this docker solution.

Thank you so much for reply. This docker solution would be good what I am looking for now. But when I see the instruction step by step process it seems to me complex would be install docker. Would you help me for docker installation support?

@shahin1 in addition to what @reagan has shared you can also look into this

Docker openmrs

Hello Reagan, I try to follow your link and it is very helpful but I can not able to logging both openmrs and Bahmani. In your instruction

I can not find Bahmani username and password. Do you know what would be default username and password? Also, Openemr I try to use default username and password ,superman: Admin123 but it does not accept it. Please see the attachment and give your suggestion. Thanks

  • gcliff, I am looking your docker information it seem it is old. It has been create docker file on 2019. Do you have other GitHub instruction with openrms +lab?