How to capture a coded labtest result as abnormal in Bahmni

I can’t find the documentation for having a coded concept marked as abnormal. i remember this was released in 0.74 Bahmni release and mentioned in release notes. can someone point me to the documentation please or explain how to go about doing it?

the usecase right now being : A labtest “Haemoglobin range” with coded answers

Less than 6 Greater than 6 and less than 9 Greater than 9 and less than 11 Greater than 11

This happens as part of the copper sulphate test done in an ANC clinic that happens in village. The result is available then and there only. The data would be capture as part of a form in bahmni and not in elis. We need an ability that when Less than 6 is selected which means Severe Anemia. it automatically marks it as abnormal and then highlights that lab result in red in patient dashboard.

In openmrs, I have created the question concept Haemoglobin Range with Class as LabTest and datatype as Coded. How to specify which concept answer is abnormal.

Currently, We dont have automatic abnormal selection for coded concepts. But still you can still configure it to have an abnormal button next to the answers and manually mark the answer selected as abnormal.

This is the wiki link for configuring concepts abnormal