How to call a class or a method from any module with in openmrs api

Hi all, Am trying to create a simple module which will at the end of the day return some rest end point. My intention here is to call some methods from a module such that i can use webservice methods into my own module that am creating basically for learning purposes in future. I did added some files in config.xml in a method aware-of -modules

<aware_of_modules> <aware_of_module> </aware_of_module> </aware_of_modules>

like that, but this did not return as i expected And i would not need to create such methods from scratch. To my experience and info got from wiki, Adding such dependencies would require the whole methods and classes being used in my module. so in this case i can definitely call any method . This is how i understand i per now. Any help is highly appreciated thanks cc.@dkayiwa, @wyclif @mozzy

@sharif , have you had a look at this Guide for Module developers and this Guide for Core developers ?

Thanks @mozzy, yes am still studying about that wiki link

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