How to be an open source gardener


thanks for posting this. Last time i looked, we had over 800 issues… many of which were very old ( more than three years). Michael and I spend a weekend morning looking at them and realized that we needed more help. If people are interested in trying to ‘sort through’ the issue log, that would be great. I also wonder if we should ask, once we have the list reviewed, to have help from code triage ( cited in the link).

i did feel better after i realized that even an open source gardener may still have 800 open items!!

@lluismf this was very good material to read. Thanks for sharing and please keep it up! :slight_smile:

@terry do you mean all issues, or only those that are in the “Needs Assessment” state?

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it was all issues that Michael and i looked at ( this was about 6 months ago now…)

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