How to add OWA widget in Patient Dashboards.

Hello, I developed an Open Web Application (OWA) module for OpenMRS and I want to add a widget in the patient dashboard that will display some information regarding the patient. Can someone help on this, please?

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Do you want to add a widget with in the owa module you created or you want to add your owa module into openmrs ?

Hi Sharif, I Created an OWA module and want to display some information coming from this module into the patient Dashboard.

Have you loaded it into running instance.

Yes. The OWA module is actually running and is accessible via a link.

I think you can only access it via home screen not patient dashboard unless ,you have done more of custom configurations in your module. Have you gone through this link

you mean the Bahmni Patient Dashboard ?? or the OpenMRS Reff-App patient Dash board ??

Hi Mozzy. I am using OpenMRS Reff-App patient Dashboard

Do you have an example of configuration to do in my module? I already have an icon link on the home screen. Now I need to display specific information in the Patient dashboard. This can also be a link that bring the user to the specific page.

Ok , then this Post doesnt belong to the Bahmni Category

To add a widget to the Patient Dashbord, youll have to define an App Configuration ,that provides the extention that links to the PatientDashBord extension point ie patientDashboard.secondColumnFragments

see example of a Module that defines an app Configuration that provides the extension to the patient Dashboard , and the actual Fragment that builds the Widget , which then links to the OWA

See other Examples of App Configurations for the Patient Dash Board Widgtes

In Other words , you have to Build a java Module that builds the widget , ie provides an App configuration , and a Fragment that links to your OWA