How to add odoo query on Bahmni-Reports Section

We need to add odoo reports on Bahmni-Reports Section. We already add Elis reports like this:

"16 Laboratory Services Dataset(Other)": {
	"name": "16 Laboratory Services Dataset(Other)",
	"type": "ElisGeneric",
	"DHISProgram": true,
	"config": {
		"sqlPath": "/var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/reports/hmis/16-lab/lab_other_servies.sql"

but I found the type: ERPGeneric for openERP but I do not find type for odoo anyone Please share me how to do it.

I always thought ERPGeneric would work for Odoo too, since the properties files are similar in Odoo scenario also. Is that not the case?

I also try ERPGeneric but it not work yet are you sure on it.