How to add extra tab in patient consultation ?

I have been asked by the pharmacist in my hospital to enable him to add few fields as


Person who weights the drugs : Person who packages the medication : Person who passed the drugs to the patient :

From what I am thinking, I am trying to tackle this by the following

  1. Add new tab on Consultation page. lets say “Person in Charge”
  2. On click it should show up the 4 text field fields for the persons above
  3. Lastly, when the bahmni user presses the print function, I’d like to append the above information as well in the print out.

Is the above doable without touching the source code ? Any documentations or example on this would be very appreciated ?


Hi @abiieez

The Consultation tab is mostly used by doctors to capture observations and order tests or prescribe medicines. The pharmacist would normally use the OpenERP to dispense the drugs.

From your requirement it makes more sense to add the columns in OpenERP and pharmacist will modify the Quotation by adding the above pieces of information before confirming the sale order or printing the receipt.

Addition of new fields to capture information will not require touching of source code unless you have specific validations or logic to be included.

Bahmni Wiki:'s+Guide Open ERP Documentation:

Hi @Malini,

Before we are using Bahmni, we did everything manually. And that piece of information are always on the doctor’s prescription (contains how the drugs are used as well as diagnoses among other stuffs).

I think those 4 fields should belong to the treatment but not patient. How can I add these fields ? in OpenMRS?

I found this Is this where I should start ?

Hi @abiieez

To add fields to OpenMRS, please refer to the link below:

Every field on a form is created as a concept from OpenMRS. After creating the concepts you can add them to the corresponding form. You could also refer to the below link for creation and configuration of TAB

I hope this helps and answers your query.

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I have added the new tab by adding the following code in the extension.json

"formBuilderObs": {
       "id": "bahmni.clinical.consultation.formBuilderObs",
       "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.clinical.consultation.board",
       "type": "link",
       "label": "My New Form",
       "url": "form-observations",
       "icon": "fa-user-md",
       "order": 2,
       "requiredPrivilege": "app:clinical:observationTab"

Then I created a new form through implementer interface and assign the 4 fields required.

Right now when I click on the new tab it takes me to the “”. How can I link the new tab to the new form ?

Hi @abiieez, Make sure you publish the final version of the form after creating it through implementer interface. Then you can see the new form under Add New Obs Form section in Observation tab.

You don’t have to add the above section in the clinical/extension.json. We have updated the wiki page accordingly.

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Thanks @binduak, Now I can see the form and use it accordingly.

Last thing which is still required, I’d like to see the new form when I press the print buttons (see image below) on both the dashboard as well as inside each visit.

Hi @abiieez, Sorry to say that the forms that are created through implementer interface can’t be seen/configured in patient dashboard/visits page. We haven’t built that feature.