How to access to OpenMRS database ?

Application Name: Reference application Version Number: OpenMRS-standalone-2.4

Question: Hello. Actually I’m using OpenMRS in a project and I want to modify it according to my project’s needs. But I don’t know How to access to the database. Help me please !

@benbouare12 you can access the data model implementation from openmrs-core and to see the actual data you can use MySQL Workbench or MySQL Command Line Client.


Thanks but I don’t find the folder of the data model implementation.

OpenMRS uses hibernate framework to handle OR mapping and liquibase to refractor the database and source control. As I had mentioned the implementation lies in openmrs-core.

You can find the Data Model documentation here:


Thanks a lot !

Hi everyone,

I have looked in to the openMRS datamodel documentation here but it is not sufficient. Can any one guide me to a more detailed version as I need to understand the purpose of few fields in the overall Order data model. Please help!

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@benbouare12 were you unblocked from openmrs database connections

@tahira are you still blocked from accessing openmrs database

@sharif I didn’t post any such issue.

ok then i thought