How to access to Bahmni EMR Database

Hello ! I’m trying to implement Bahmni. I’ve modified the inscription form of patients and I would like to access to the database to see how theses modifications have been managed. Thanks !

Please take a look at


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Thanks. Can I add or modify a table in OpenMRS database to refer to my project needs ?

To answer your question, OpenMRS supports writing modules (in Java, that will run on the server side) which can extend the data model. And then you would need to modify the Bahmni code to display this functionality.

However typically you should not need to do that.

Before considering it, you should try to use the many configuration options available in Bahmni.

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Ok I see. Like I did for the inscription form of patients, I’ll use the available configuration options to adapt Bahmni to my project. But where can I have more information on the writnig modules ? Thanks

Please refer OpenMRS Documentation on Modules. You can see how Bahmni wrote a customized module Bahmni-Core and using it.

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Ok. Thanks a lot !:grinning: