How to access Existing OpenMRS Reports

Hi All,

I’m feeling new to OPEN MRS, I’m basically from Pentaho BI background. I got an opportunity to explore OPEN MRS System.

Since it is OLTP System i.e Data Model is designed for ease of inserting the records, It is not helpful in reporting.

So for Analytic purpose, I’m creating Data Warehouse Dimensional Model ( i.e Data Model for ease of reporting). I want to see the sample Business reports with data i.e the Reports that comes with Bahmi / Open MRS installation.

In the Web Console if i click on Reports Icon, i’m able to see the following reports. Visit Reports, Test Observation Report, Chief Complaint Report etc. Are this the Default reports that comes with the installation?

If no please let me know the configuring part to access the Open MRS Reports.

Where will i get the SQL Query generated for Default reports in Bahmni. i.e for Blood Pressure report ?

You can read more about the types of reports supported in Bahmni from documentation link

I want to query (OpenMRS database )the following scenario,

I want to List all the patient who has some disease and takes some drug ( SQL Query)

Example: I want to List all the patient who has cancer disease and takes Metformin drug.

Output will be like:

Patient Disease Drug Sanne Cancer Metformin anne Cancer Metformin Janne Cancer Metformin

Please refer to the section 22 in the following documentation. This is based on programs.

The following documentation is based on drugs not specific to any drug.

Please refer to this documentation for the kind of reports available in Bahmni

You have to write a custom sql querying below tables

  1. “order” table entries mapped to order_type “Drug Order” and the concept of “some drug name”
  2. “obs” table entries mapped to concept “Visit Diagnoses”.
  3. “patient” and “patient_identifier” table for patient details