How to access and modify OPENMRS database

Application Name: Reference Application-standalone-2.8.0

Questions: I want to modify the database according to my project’s needs. But I don’t know How to access to the database and copy into workable mysql program. 2. I want to import the database folder in XAMPP or MYSQL workbench. 3. I copy the folder from database “openmrs” and past directly in XAMPP mysql database folder but found errors “Table doesn’t exist in the engine” 4. How to upload concept dictionary excel file

Do you mind explaining what you are trying to eventually accomplish? Are you simply trying to run queries off collected data to make reports? Or something else?

Thanks Daniel for reply, I would like to run queries and also want to make some changes in the tables. I am unable to delete some existing forms from admin page, but unable to delete due to blockage from database.

If you are running the standalone version, did you take a look at these instructions of how to connect to its database?

Thanks for reply, I will try to follow the instructions.