How should I get started and most especially participate in the Google summer code?

Hi Guys! Am excited joining the open source community, am new in this community and I figured my question has ever been asked though my additional question may be different so let me use the same space getting answer to the former question. I seriously want to get started but am wondering how? I need some one to take me through installations to the time I set my tools (software) ready for work. I would also love to get a hint on how I can access the opportunity of joining the google summer code because I cant wait to join.

With the hope of your response, my gratitude is extended a head of me to you.

You could get ideas from

Am browsing through, just waiting to see if i’l be accepted but the former query is not touched, can I be on standby?

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted. So all you can do for now is contribute to save lives!


There is no guarantee that OpenMRS will be accepted either.

I want to contribute to android related projects. But I am not able to find issues that I can resolve.

@raff or any one from @SolDevelo is the android client sprint still going on? @mayank wants to contribute to an android project. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa What is android client sprint? Can you elaborate on this? and what is SolDevelo group? :slight_smile:

@mayank, welcome! The Android Client sprint is almost done, see

We’ll be doing a release shortly and setting up a new sprint in a week or so. It will be announced on talk. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

@raff What is sprint all about? I am beginner in OpenMRS and I want to prepare for GSoC 2017 for android related projects. I think I need to resolve issues first. Am I going in right direction?

@mayank, yes, the way to join a sprint is to claim an issue and work on it. You can find out more about sprints here.

It is worth noting that you shouldn’t use GSoC like that. Those who join the community SOLELY for GSoC are probably going to fail.

Same principle applies to those who become programmers for the money, and not because they enjoy it.

TL;DR: Start contributing NOW and don’t worry about Google Summer of Code for now. The project list will change between now and the time when you can begin applying – and even worse: there is no guarantee that OpenMRS will even be accepted this year!


Hello Developers I am new to this community and want to contribute for android section in openMRS. Can anyone please guide me about how to get started?

Thank you, Rahul Yadav Sophomore Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Hey @rahuly247, welcome to the OpenMRS community! :slight_smile:

To get started working on the android client, I’d suggest you go through the README for the Android Client to familiarize yourself with the client. Once you’re done with that, you can start claiming issues on JIRA and move on from there. By the way our GitHub is Best of luck! :grinning:

HI every one, I too like to contribute to the android project. how can i be of help? :slight_smile:

See above posts :wink: