How robust is the Bahmni API?

Looking at the documentation here, it seems the API is lacking in documentation. These appear to be meeting notes rather than API documentation, and they were last updated in 2014. Are there documents relating to the API somewhere?

Bahmni primarily uses OMRS REST APIs. But there are indeed additional APIs that bahmni has

  1. Quite a number of search APIs, that are specific to Bahmni’s - for example searching concepts or searching a member within a concept, or qureying the disposition type concepts etc etc
  2. For transactions, on clinical module, Bahmni uses coarse grained APIs that are layer over EMR APIs.
  3. Few APIs that are used to expose metadata for other systems like ELIS, ERP to sync

But you are right, these APIs should be well documented. There was a swagger file that we had started, need to check …

Is there anything specific that you are looking for?

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Thanks for the quick response, I’m basically looking for a list of endpoints and a description of each to start with. I need to know what is possible and what is not currently. Thanks!