How does openmrs-core relate to openmrs-module-uicommons

So my group and I are trying to work on this bug:, and I asked in the irc where to find the code for the keyboard handler. I was linked to this section of the code:✓&q=keyboard , however this code is a different repo than the one I’ve been working in. I’ve been running Openmrs-core and openmrs-legacyUI, so I don’t understand how making changes to the uicommons repo will change what is occuring when i run openmrs-core. Could anyone help me understand this, or lead me in a better direction if i’m off track?

The uicommons module is the basis of the UI for the OpenMRS Reference Application distribution. (This is the thing that replaces the legacy UI.)

OpenMRS core is the back end Java API in the OpenMRS Platform.

To work on a ticket in the RA project in JIRA you will need to be looking at the Reference Application codebase, not the legacy UI.

-Darius (by phone)