How do we grant access to editing the IRC home page?

Some one pinged me about another IRC client that he uses and hence could be useful to the community. So i told him to edit this page to add it as one of the options.

It turns out that this page does not have the same permissions as the rest of the WIKI. And hence the group for Confluence “confluence-users” would not be enough. He created a help desk request which i would have responded to, but i have no idea how to. :slight_smile:

Am personally able to edit this page, but i do not want to do it. I would rather let him edit it as a way of encouraging him to contribute to the community in whatever capacity that he can.

@dkayiwa this page is in the “IRC Chat” space, which is specifically restricted. I imagine this is done for security purposes because we don’t want untrusted people to be able to edit a page where we intentionally run a client, ask for username/password, etc.

My initial reaction is that you should just edit this page yourself, and let’s not open up the permissions on this space.

I agree with @darius – let’s not open this page up.

Only trusted people should edit that page.

Oh i see! Makes perfect sense. :slight_smile:

A user with ‘confluence-user’ in their LDAP groups can login to confluence.

But confluence allows much more granular permissions per space, per page, or per page ‘tree’ (parent pages and children).

So that’s where you should look if you are wondering the permissions to edit an specific page.

Very interesting to lean! Welcome back from vacation. We have been missing you a lot @cintiadr :smile:

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