How do I install my newly created module?

I have created a new module successfully as attached in the screenshot, however I have failed to install it. Whenever I try out this link; http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/index.htm. , I instead get the error localhost refused to connect. What am I doing wrong? 6 5

How are you uploading your module into the instance

After creating the module, I compiled it successfully using; mvn clean install as attached. 7

My target is to access the Modules section so that I can Add Module.

Go To Manage Modules Login

So funny but whenever I input my login details, it renders an error of Invalid username/password. Please try again. yet they are the right ones.

Have you tried username:admin and Admin123 as password?

Thanks @jwnasambu. However this is not leading me to the modules page. Am trying to follow these steps

Hello team,

I finally found the issue. I hadn’t started the server.

So I ran this command: mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=myserve and now am at this stage. very excited :star_struck:

bravo @geofreys :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks @gcliff

I’ve successfully uploaded as seen in the in the screenshot;

. Thanks to @sharif for this doc /chapter: Creating-Your-First-Module / OpenMRS Developers Guide it is leading me through.

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Wocam :slightly_smiling_face:, Btw if you can clearly follow that manual keenly, it have nice resource.

surely am getting to love its simplicity