How do I deploy using Docker?

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Question: Hi OpenMRS community,

I am trying to deploy the bare-bones version of OpenMRS using docker, and I have been having no luck so far. I used the guide here, but I don’t think I am doing it right.

I have already created a droplet with Docker installed, but I am not too sure on what to do next. Should I create a SDK that I have made locally and convert it a droplet then use the compose-up command? Or can I just use one that is already provided? But if I were to use the one that is provided, how would I use it for production, since the one that is provided specifies that it is only for testing purposes? Also, do I need to install MYSQL 5.7 and tomcat on the server too, or does it come with the docker file? To my understand, I do need to install them separately right?

Please help and thanks a lot.

@zenalc there is need for mysql to be up and running,when u look at the docker-compose.yml

Yes, but do you use the MYSQL container or just the standalone?

if your running openmrs standalone, there is no need to use MYSQL because openmrs standalone comes when its already bundled with MYSQL and tomcat

I mean for docker, do you use the docker container or just install MYSQL by itself? I am not talking about the standard deployment method with Linux. This is with docker, if I am confusing you.

you can use the container with MYSQL

Hi @zenalc,

Which of the options do you want to try? Option 1, 2 or 3?

Well, they’re all kind of outdated, but I have been trying the 3rd option.

That’s fair @zenalc, it would be nice if you could get the wiki updated later when you get it working.

So you have docker and docker compose installed, is that correct?

What’s the next thing you’ve tried? Have you tried copying the docker compose file and attempting the run the commands in option 3? If so, how?