how do i create an invoice manually in openerp and include diagnosis

good morning can anyone please help me on how can i create an invoice in openerp and include diagnosis as part of the invoice, do i create the diagnosis as products?

Yeah, Diagnoses should be added as products in ERP.

Go to sales -> quotations -> click on create

ok so how do i add other fileds in the invoice??

i want to split the bill in 2. to reflect amount paid by the patient and the medical aid scheme is that feasible? and how do i also add a product type called diagnosis because there are only 3 that are preconfigured in openerp

When adding the quotation, you can chose discount heads which in your terminology are medical aid scheme.

After saving the quotation and confirming(click on confirm sale), you can add the amount received by the patient.

Did this solution help ? Let us know if you have any other concerns.

Add a new product category called diagnoses and then diagnoses as products under the category.

Creating Product Category:

ok thanks that would do just great

another thing, can i import the diagnosis(ICD 10) as products right? and also print them in the ERP invoice with thier codes

click on sales-> product by categories, then choose the category to which you would like to add the products. Here you can see the import option.

yes i saw that, so all i need to do now is create a an ICD 10 diagnosis files and import them as products? in any format?

Select the .CSV file to import. If you need a sample importable file, you can use the export tool to generate one.

ok thanks a lot

wait how do export? i cant find the option…

i export only the blue fields or all of them?

Add the fields that you want to import using the file.

okay and then for the id its written export.product_product_464

when i import i just a number for the product id right?

thanks i managed to import

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