How do I add a field in custom registration?

I want to add a field section for if a patient is deceased on a custom registration app. How can i achieve that in OpenMRS 1.11.5 2.0 platform? Any help is highly appreciated.

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@jmpango, can I clarify a few things in your question?

(a) You said Platform 2.0, but I assume that you mean Reference Application 2.3.1, that is running on top of Platform 1.11.5, right?

(b) When you say “custom registration app” you mean that you have a custom configuration of the Reference Application’s Registration app, right? (E.g. configuring like this.)

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Thanks @arbaughj for putting this wiki page together. Gosh that would have helped us so much when we first looked at OpenMRS…

That makes me think that we are currently upgrading our own development & CI environments to the distro 2.3. So we are getting closer to being able to request a pull on coreapp’s master, to then merge into it the ‘edit registration’ work.

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Thanks @darius. Yes am running the reference application 2.3.1 on top of 1.11.5. I have a custom configuration of the reference application registration app. How can i add deceased patient section just has it was implemented in the legacy UI patient registration

@jmpango, I see you withdrew this topic. Did you get an answer? This topic is of interest to me too.

@mksd, I’m glad you like the documentation. That was a compilation of all the help you and others gave me to get things going! There is still more that needs to be on that page, like how to handle multiple identifiers and how handle dead patients (like in this topic). If I can figure it it out someday, I’ll be happy to add it to the documentation!

@arbaughj, I just flaged off a duplicate comment i had submitted twice. But i have not gotten a working answer yet