How can we customize fee information during visit ?

I’d like to differentiate if a patient uses insurance or not in Bahmni. Earlier I added “patientType” concept in the Person Attribute. Then I realize this is not accurate, because there are times when the same patient pays using insurance and other times hes paying by himself. So this “patientType” should belong to each encounter / visit.

My wish this “patientType” should be a dropdown within the “Fee Information” which can be selected as soon as a patient starts a visit.

Is this achievable ? How can I get this done ?

Hi Mustafa, Like you say this thing could change from time to time. Is it visit to visit? In that case, ideally i think it should be modelled as visit attribute. Right now Bahmni/Openmrs doesn’t have UI for adding/modifying visit attributes.

Even i have heard this requirement from clients and had thought of tagging as a probable solution if it fits in the workflow. Look at this thread : Tagging patients in Bahmni to show indicators

Interested in building any of the above features and submitting pull request? :slight_smile:

Given the current features, i think you can just set it up as concept and record it as obs on registration second page, by making the concept part of the same concept set fee information (or whatever it is).

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I did as you suggested by including “patientType” concept in the “Fee Information” concept set. It’s working as I expected.

Is it also possible to show the patientType within the existing visit report? Or do I have to create custom report for this ?

Many thanks.