How can I run a Test

Hallo guys this may be a basic question but hope i will get some help. I am working on on this ticket But how can I run a specific test for example in this ticket i need to run the Test @odorajonathan @jwnasambu @gracebish @herbert24

@suubi7 have you tried running

mvn clean install or mvn clean test"?

@tendomart For a specific test

What do you mean ?

As an example: mvn -Dtest=PatientServiceTest test

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@dkayiwa Thank you

@tendomart the mvn clean test command runs all the tests but I wanted to run only one test For my ticket

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Alternatively you can run your test using your IDE

You can read about running junit tests,i see so many resources online with that information

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Perfect . Hope you were cleared by Daniel.

@tendomart Yess