How can i make my form appear in with simpleUi when in edit mode

I have developed a new vitals form and set the formDisplayStyle=“Simple”. The form appears with the simpleUi “http://localhost:8080/openmrs/htmlformentryui/htmlform/” however it displays with the default StandardUi “http://localhost:8080/openmrs/htmlformentryui/htmlform/” when a users needs to edit the form data.

I need help on how to set the form to load a simpleUi by default when editing form data. I appreciate all your help in advance.

Replace editHtmlFormWithStandardUi with editHtmlFormWithSimpleUi

@dkayiwa, how do i set it up in code, so that in changes automatically in the URL.

Did it work when you changed the url?

Yes it did.

Which button or link did you click to edit? Can you share its screenshot?

I clicked the edit button in that screen shot @dkayiwa

Can you also share a screenshot of how the form looks like after changing the url when editing?

I need it to appear like this one below