How can i join a squad

Am trying to join a squad but i have failed so where can i get started so that i join a squad and start contributing in the community

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Joining the squad calls which usually happen every week would be a good starting point. This gives you an opportunity to interact with the squad members and get to know the project(s) under development. You can always checkout

to know when and where the call takes place.


Great advice, @kdaud

@musakizito, as you join the squad calls and get a feel for how the squad works together, I suggest that you also look at the squad’s Project Page. Most of our squads include information about how to get started for devs, implementers, and/or non-technical contributors. This will often include demos, user guides, information about the tech you need to know, etc.

When you’re ready to start actively contributing to the squad, don’t hesitate to reach out to the squad and ask for help identifying a good issue to start with.