How can I get Full Representation after create or update object

Hi, After creating or updating object, server returns default Representation of the object. I have tried to pass v=full parameter, but it did not work. Is it possible to get full representation of the object after updating or I have to make another “get” call for full representation.


At the moment you do have to make another get call, but it should be straightforward to add support for v=full for update/create. It should go somewhere around here


Thanks a lot @raff, I will try to add it.

Shall I just hard code Representation.DEFAULT to Representation.FULL or It should be passed as a method parameter so that front end developer can decide.

Within the methods that @raff linked to you should have access to a RequestContext variable, and this should already include the representation in it.

I have created a jeera issue here.

Please do the ASSESSMENT and I can commit my changes.

Done. On the ticket, can you also add a link to this talk thread?

Hi @dkayiwa I can not assign this issue to myself.

@dkayiwa Got it. thanks

Hi @dkayiwa I have created a pull request. Thank you.

You can wanna take a look at this

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