how can i enter from an external ip


i’m trying to use OpenMRS as a in-game medical database in a roleplay game and i need people from different countries to be able to login into the database in order to use it as an medical record, is it any possible way to do it?

i’ve downloaded the standalone version and tried forwarding ports 8081 and 3316 but it’s not working

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@nachogutier I would suggest you share the demo link or the standalone instead of the port numbers so that they can launch openmrs on their machines. Forwarding port numbers won’t be of help because openmrs-standalone.jar file which is responsible for opening an instance of the OpenMRS system is missing on their local machines. Besides, port numbers tend to differ on different machines.

yeah but if everyone create their own instance, nobody else will have access to the info they add to each one… lets say, if i create 4 new patients with their allergies and all the medical background needed, they wont be able to see any of that, or vice versa, that’s the problem of having personal instances of it.

if they open an instance with the same ports (tomcat 8081 and mysql 3316), would they be able to see everyone else info?

Apparently, you can’t though openmrs community is striving hard to ensure the is a sync between the instances though sync module. Syncing is done between the parent and a child and not the port numbers. Though the default port is 8080 sometimes it can be in use and you are requested to choose another port number for the instance to run on. So the issue is not all about the port number but the instance being able to run as required. You can also create an sdk instance by following the steps on this link Hopefully I have answered you!

@nachogutier According to your requirements,you need to get openmrs hosted via internet so that it can be accessible by every one in different countries.Downloading the instance and using it on your local machine means the best you can do is to access openmrs on only your local network


Firstly that sounds very cool :slight_smile:.

I have a setup that works but it may be overkill for solving your specific issue. I am using OpenMRS in the cloud in a stack of apps that want to be available to my users anywhere at port 443 and only with https - which gets around a lot of firewall/port forwarding issues.

So OpenMRS runs on a Debian instance at Google Cloud Platform, it uses tomcat/port 8081 as it it inclined to but only locally, it is firewalled from he outside world, I have a second instance that faces the outside and runs the nginx web server which is simple and fast, it reverse proxies the OpenMRS web server, not as complicated as it sounds. In the process it deals with all the certificates and stuff to run https.

If a similar option is feasible for you I am happy to try to help,


i’ve hosted plenty servers in my local machine, that’s not an issue for me, it’s just i cant get openmrs to work

hello, that might be useful, it doesn’t matter if it’s a overkill since i’m a pharmacist i do know how does med database works and the close it is to a “real one” the better it is for me in order to explain to the players how it works and how to use it!!! it would be great if you can share with me

Since you are hosting servers on your own machine, Could it be possible that the firewall may be blocking global access over the internet ? Also, your way does appears to be very insecure.

firewall isn’t blocking any traffic, already checked that. also, even tho i’m hosting in my local machine, it’s safe to do it because i’m not gonna share the address to anyone i don’t know already so it’s fine to me

could you drop me here the url that you are trying to forward other people so that they can access your openmrs instance

Please be careful Ignacio, the security issue is that you’ll have a web server facing the public net that will get probed, it needs to be securely configured. This may be possible with tomcat which may be easier, I am still learning about tomcat.

im doing the test on my local machine with life known friends, once i get it to work ill host it on a dedicated server, thanks for the warnings but it’s all good

How can I access the openMRS on local network?

@haruzey On this link,http://localhost:8080/openmrs replace local host with the ip address of the machine you want to access openmrs.Note,this must be on the same network with the server/computer that has your openmrs instance

Look at zerotier

ZeroTier combines the capabilities of VPN and SD-WAN, simplifying network management. no need to open any ports or change any firewall rules.

its secure as the communication happens with ssh protocol

I have installed zerotier on Bahmni server and I host the server locally. Several client machines on LAN connect to it. remote clients connecting need to be on the same zerotier network. boom… you can access the server just as you would on a LAN.

youtube video demonstarting the same


@nsmalipatil does it require internet to be used?

if you need remote access… you need internet anyway

for local area network - you can still communicate on zerotier network just as any other LAN without the need of WAN (internet).

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