How can I create a new endpoint in the Openmrs rest api.

I would like to create a new endpoint in openmrs api currently used in the Openmrs- CFL distribution. CFL is Connect For Life a new openmrs distribution that is using the core openmrs api. What I need is to use the openmrs core api to create new endpoints that can retrieve information and can also post some information from another application.

I kindly request any help or advise on how I can do this. I will be very grateful if any advise is offered.

hope this helps you OpenMRS Docs

Helo @hillarykaluuma , were you able to achieve this use case.

Dear @hillarykaluuma could you highlight the data models your trying to expose there api end Points.

That CFL - Openmrs distribution has alerts that appear when a patient reports symptoms, It is those alerts i would like to expose and post using the API.

Not yet but am trying to work on it with the information that has so far been shared.

Thanks Herbert, Let me look into the links you have shared.