How can I add an icon to the find-patient widget?

  • OpenMRS 1.11.7
  • App to be extended: find-patient
  • App Framework
  • find-patient widget: I would like to extend it by adding an icon just as shown in the image below. The red arrow indicates where to place the icon onto the widget.

Am planning on using it in a custom module. I have seen it in ui-commons. I want to follow the open-closed principle.

What should I do to pull it off?

@wyclif @dkayiwa @maurya @ayeung @nyoman @k_joseph

I have not seen an extension point for that. You may need to either override the default find patient app or create a new one.

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I doubt there is an extension point there, you might to request for it or override the page as @dkayiwa suggested

How about: “I doubt there is an extension point there, you might to request for it submit a pull request to add one.” :slight_smile:

Sounds good for me. I will make time this week to have this done.


The icon has been added. Am doing the ReSTful implementation. More tips are welcome.

Here is what I have done so far.

  1. Module Extension Points - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki
  2. Adding a Gutter extension point - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@burke @wyclif @darius @dkayiwa I hope am on the right track.

@smuwanga those are extension points for the legacyui, not the new reference application ui. To reduce complexity, if i were you, i would first make it work in a fork of a reference application module. That way, you will get the full experience of what and how many extension points you would need for the full implementation. Finally, you would then create pull requests with the necessary extension points that you would have discovered along the way. The beauty in this is that even if deadlines come in, you at least have something fully working, from the end user’s perspective, as you later on deal with extension points.

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