How can add new fields in the clinician facing patient summary page ?

Platform version 1.11.2 OpenMRS version 2.2

Hello experts,

please help me to get started on the following requirement.

In the patient summary page I want to add a section with the similar functionality like vitals where I can capture data and also show that captured data in the summary page for every patient active visit. This new section can be named as like “Dermo profile” or anything like that.

Please direct me about how I should start developing this, As a module ?? As a fragment?? or some thig else. Any reference example would be really helpful (can be vitals as well, but not sure how to go about it)

I am very new to OpenMRS. So please be little descriptive in your answers. Thank you!

The allergyui module has an example of adding a section to the patient summary (this section is a fragment) and linking to a page to capture data.

Thank you Darius , I will look into Allergyui module. Also there is an allergyAPI module what purpose does that serve?


The allergyapi module provides the java and web service APIs for managing allergies, and the UI module adds the UI components.

So if I were to add my section in the patient summary page I need to develop both the UI module and the API module and the UI module is dependent on the API module for data related services. Am I correct? if not please correct me.


Normally this kind of separation is not necessary, and I suggest that you have the API and UI together in one module.

The reason we did it differently in the allergy* modules is because the allergyapi module is intended to (a) have no dependencies, and (b) eventually be incorporated into openmrs-core, and thus disappear. Whereas the allergyui module requires ui-layer dependencies, and will continue to exist.

Ok I got it. I will make sure the UI as well as the data service exist in the same module as in ???(any other example) for reference.

Most modules have both an api layer (under /api) and a ui layer (under /omod). Browse around the openmrs organization in github to find examples.

Ok, Thank you for the pointer. I will explore.