How a user group get their existing content into OCL?

Hi, @paynejd @jamlung recently I got encountered with a requirement from our implementer. It would be great to know, how to upload one’s collection/source into OCL and start working from there? cc: @grace @burke

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Hey @suruchi, currently the easiest way to get content into OCL is using its Bulk Import interface (example in Production) - see documentation here. This is probably missing some steps though. What is the starting point here? Is the user starting from a spreadsheet, or is there some other starting point?

Happy to talk about this on tomorrow’s OpenMRS call too.


Hi @suruchi, here is an example of a bulk import with the MSF OCP source as well as some documentation. I’d be happy to help if you have questions about it.


If you’re starting with an OpenMRS instance, take a looking at the notes from the PIH migration to OCL use case, specifically the recipe for importing.

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Thanks Joe, Bulk Import is really a great feature.

Sure, let’s have a detail discussion during the squad call.

Thank @michaelbontyes for the csv and documentation. It’s helpful to know the format.

Thanks @burke PIH use case is helpful to share with implementers for fresh start and to understand PHI’s migration journey.