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Hi everyone,

I think this topic is probably relevant for @ivange94, @dkayiwa, @terry, @maurya, @surangak, @jeffneiman , @maany, @hilz041, @harsha89 and @pascal.

Having more than a thousand unresolved tickets in Helpdesk was annoying me way too much, so I started closing everything older than 9-10 months and any automated email and spam I’ve found. We are now down to less than 500 tickets.

A few questions:

  1. can we close everything sent to malawiomrs17■■■■■■■■■■ ? That’s more than 200 tickets there
  2. Who’s responsible for doing the initial case triage? For example,
  3. Who’s responsible for all the google voicemail messages? Does anyone even know why we have that?
  4. Do we have a list of who’s responsible for each ‘Category’? The infrastructure one would be mainly @dkayiwa and @jwnasambu, but I don’t know about the other categories.
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Those are the categories we have:

09 PM

So, I’d like to rename ‘IT Service Management’ to ‘Community Infrastructure’. I also would like to remove ‘ID Dashboard support’ and ‘Atlas support’. No idea what is the rest or who’s responsible for them.

There are the groups we have:

47 PM

I think it’s safe to delete Atlas Support and ID Dashboard team. Can someone please rename the ‘IT Service Management’ team to ‘Infra team’ and let me know who’s part of it?

I’d like to change the infrastructure queues:

  • Rename ‘IT Service Management’ → ‘Infrastructure queue’
  • Remove ‘Dashboard support’. Whatever was supposed to be there, should go to ‘Infrastructure queue’
  • Spam blacklist: remove. Go to main queue.
  • ‘IT Service monitoring notification’: rename to ‘Monitoring’
  • Confluence/JIRA requests. Same.
  • Talk pending moderation: keep it
  • ‘OpenMRS CI builds stalled’: rename to ‘CI’
  • IDEA Licenses: remove and move to main queue.

Our topics need to be updated as well. I’d rather just point to wiki pages or readme files, so others can modify.

I can make it myself if someone gives me a flex account :smiley:

great ideas @cintiadr

you definitely need the flex account i agree with closing the Malawiomrs17 at this point ( five months after the meeting); if you do that, then we are down to 300 tickets (still high but perhaps not overwhelming?)

i didnt even know that we had a google voice mail (i think that we should shut it down, as we dont listen to it) i thought that @jeffneiman had made a list of responsible people for each category. adding him here to help sort that out for us.

thanks Cintia!

This all sounds sensible. (I only skimmed it, but I’ve never actually seen these queues, so…)

For malawiomrs17, it is probably worth having the events team (@jeffneiman? @christine?) confirm that there are no more ongoing communications that should be happening via that avenue, and/or peek to make sure that the tickets themselves are not recent.

(In general, though, I suggest waiting some suitable period for comments, and then start actioning these things.)

It’s useful to have a phone number for OpenMRS (some accounts need one, in some cases – like account recovery – it’s helpful to be able to receive an SMS). It’s just a Google Voice number. The current voicemail message makes it clear messages are not routinely checked and directs people to the OpenMRS website and Talk.

I can turn off voicemail, but I think we need to keep a phone number.

Actually, you already have a flex account. Those are charged only for usage. We have a four full user accounts for which we pay a monthly fee. That’s what you need to make these changes. These were @dkayiwa, @jeffneiman, @maurya, and myself. I’ve bumped @maurya to a flex agent and promoted you to a full user, so you should have access now.

Yey, thank you!

I did most of the changes I mentioned before related to infrastructure queues/filter and team. I did change some of the other queues too.

I also removed the ‘Category’ field, as it wasn’t really being used and it was just confusing the whole thing.

So, as of today:

  • We have 50 voicemail calls, some dating back 10 months. Do we just close them all? Do we want to get some groups of people to be responsible for checking new messages every so often? If so, who?
  • Events team has 274 cases open. Not sure if @jeffneiman wants to close them all.
  • Community Manager group has 63 open cases. A lot of them are onboarding that the automatic drip didn’t catch. I will investigate why. Regardless, what do I do with the tickets that already exist?
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Thanks for your diligence and hard work on this, Cintia. It’s definitely a somewhat messy system and I appreciate your efforts to streamline everything and clean it up.

For events, can you close all tickets prior to November 2017? I’d like to review the remainder because they may be relevant to OMRS17.

As for the Community Manager group, let’s leave them and see why some aren’t being caught in the drip processes. The incoming CM can also review and manage some of those cases.