Help with translation

Hello guys, I am running version 0.90. I am translating it to French. I just got stuck somewhere that I need help because I can’t locate a file that contains what I want. Please help. This time I am trying to translate this table in Hospitalisation, like bed, Id, … I just can’t find how to get to the bahmnicore-omod file indicate in github. I have attached images.


If i understand the question correctly, you want to translate the Table column header names into french.

This table is basically the output of the query you found on bahmnicore-omod, Vx_xx__WardsListSql.sql. If you read that sql file, it is actually adding a openmrs global property name emrapi.sqlGet.wardsListDetails with the sql to fetch the details you see in the table.

Hence to translate the column header names, you need to go update the query with translated names on openmrs->Administration->Maintenance section->Advanced Settings-> “emrapi.sqlGet.wardsListDetails” Property. https://ip/openmrs/admin/maintenance/globalProps.form