Help using Event module

Do someone knows how to use the OpenMRS event module 2.6.0.

It is said on the documentation that to use the module, you need to call Event.subscribe(Class, String, EventListener); But i don’t know what Class is for, i just know that it must be a subclasses of OpenmrsObject. So i tried to use the second constructor :Event.subscribe(String, EventListener); but i got nothing on my EventListener instance after a patient creation. Is there any example that show how to use it? Thank you in advance

Did you some how figure this out? I see that you created another post here: Error when Event occurs

Hi @dkayiwa, I’m still searching how to achieve that. I still got that same error.

It is the class whose events you are subscribing to. Examples could be Patient.class, Obs.class, Encounter.class

Here is an example of a module subscribing to the encounter class to be notified whenever an encounter is created: