Help us test the admin tools in the reference application


For the past couple of weeks, we 've been working on improving the admin UI module for the reference application which started as a GSoC project back in the summer of 2014, we’ve completed the work, thanks to James Degraft, Rafa, Daniel and Joseph! We are giving you an opportunity to weigh in on what improvements we can make and more so help us test the functionality. You can test from our testing server at

Username: admin Password: Admin123

Some of the key features you might want to test:

  • All links to the metadata management pages can be found on the Configure Metadata page, make sure you can create, edit, purge new items and where supported retire and restore items. Retired items should have a strike through and should be pushed to the bottom of the list.
  • Change password and user default settings from the my account page, when you hover over your username in the header you should able to see a link to the my account page.
  • System Administration, i.e Manage Accounts and Manage Global Properties, you should be able to create, edit and delete global properties. For accounts, make sure you can do the following:
  • Can create a new account with at least a user or provider account or both.
  • Add new provider or user accounts to an existing account.
  • You can edit the person’s details, user and provider account details.
  • When you create or edit a user account, if you check the force password checkbox, the next time they login they get sent to the change password and upon successful authentication they are good to go.

Feel free to create tickets for any bugs you run into via our issue tracking system JIRA, when creating the tickets remember to set the project to Reference Application. We also welcome ideas of what we can do better. We’re looking forward to your valuable feedback