Help test the Chart Search module!

Hi; Recently i sent out a release email informing you that i had released the first version of Chart Search Module for Reference Application, and so i decided to follow up on what you are thinking about the module, is it helpful to you? Does it do what you expect? Do you think we need to modify something? Or Do you suggest we add some thing you can’t think of missing in the module!!! By the way, Have you tested the module yet? What so-ever your answers are, here is your best opportunity to test it out for your self without “… said it does this, and yet it is void of this and that” i mean just hearing from others.

This module allows you to search for patient data like observations, encounters, forms etc. am thinking that you will like having a real hands on testing of the module, and so i have installed the module on a live test server for you to have a feel on what it is able to help you achieve. We are interested in collecting all your feedback and responding; so please we request you to respond where need be and we improve this module so that it suits what your best needs are, please

  • visit
  • login with User name: admin and Password: Admin123
  • Click on “Find Patient Record” icon or button
  • Search for a patient like: “John”
  • select a patient of your choice
  • While on either patient page or patient dashboard page, under either Actions or General Actions respectively, click on Chart Search link
  • In-case you see no results on first landing on to that page, reload the page and you will be there to do all your testing.
  • You can also explore administration functions of the module via the administration page

You can add your feedback at or comment on

I will be glad to hear from you about the module :smiley:

regards k-joseph

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Hi once again, many thanks to @dkayiwa, @burke, @darius and @{Ellen Ball, Partners In Health}; for joining the great team of contributors who have so-far represented you in testing the Chart Search Module, i have gone through all their feedback and organized them so i can move on and ticket them and soon advance to work on them.

My only worry, is that you may be having your feedback/point of preference missing on my list, please checkout the module and give your feedback

Here are the noticed bugs so-far soon to be worked upon:

I really thank all of you that have been helping with testing the Chart Search Module using the first version we released, am working to release the next version and hope to do this before this week ends, I have solved most of the bugs that were pointed out and you will be able to have another test of this after the next release.

Meanwhile here is some other way you can contribute towards this: Currently we display all patient data when the user just lands on the chart search main page, am planning soon after GSoC 2014 to work on a way of rather displaying last searched results on loading the page. However before that is done, what do you think is better for our module? we can either display nothing on loading/reloading the chart search page or maintain what we have and display all patient data as we work on displaying last searched data!!

Please reply with what you think about this! either here or the feedback page or even the conversation of this on the discussion about this on the implementer’s list,

welcome to contribute :smile: k-joseph

Hi am glad once again to announce to you, that we have yet again another release 1.1 for the Chart Search Module, i will be updating you about the release through the weekend, but for now, you can download the new version of the module from and also you can straight away test the module from I have addressed most of the bugs that were reported and am hoping to obtain more feedback :slight_smile:

regards k-joseph