Help Test Reference Application 2.4!

Reference application 2.4 is available for UAT at

The community is encouraged to test this release and provide feedback. Module owners particularly need to verify their modules before release.

Reference application 2.4 is planned to be in UAT till June 17th, 2016.

Thanks @burke for help setting up server and with the deployment.


Thanks @jdegraft and @burke for getting this set up.


Much overdue, we have the Reference Application 2.4 release candidate on a public test server, and we need you to help us test it, over the next 10 days.

@jdegraft, where/how would you like people to share their feedback?

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Any issues found with Reference Application 2.4 during UAT can be initially reported on this thread for resolution before release.

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I have so far not seen any testing responses on this thread. Does it mean no one is testing? Or @jdegraft has any tester pinged you privately with their results?

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Unfortunately, I have not heard from any testers yet!

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@jdegraft, did you reach out to people listed under QA Team members at ?

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Hi QA Team Members,

@natalia, @ayeung, @pavlo, @leebreisacher , @yulia,

Can help test Reference Application 2.4 which is in UAT at and where necessary provide feedback on this thread so the release can proceed?


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Hi. I’m sorry, but I am quite busy with my “day job” these days.


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I just tried out It appears to be running, but I quickly discovered (trying to select a patient) the Allergy API module isn’t running. The error reported by the Allergy API module is:

Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml.

@jdegraft & @dkayiwa, is this thread the right place to track progress on the RefApp 2.4 release process?

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Thanks @burke for pointing this out.

There has not been much feedback on this thread about UAT of Reference Application 2.4 on

@dkayiwa can you help identify why Allergy API is having this error on startup?

Actually it may be that we did not start with an empty database before deployment so the database cannot be properly migrated.

fwiw, I noticed today that the Allergy UI module build has been broken for the past 2 days, don’t know if it is related.

I see this in the mvn log:

[ERROR]   The project org.openmrs.module:allergyui-web-1.9:1.6-SNAPSHOT (/opt/bamboo5.9/xml-data/build-dir/MIREBALAIS-ALUI-JOB1/web-1.9/pom.xml) has 1 error
19-Jun-2016 03:49:38	[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.openmrs.module:allergyapi-api:jar is missing. @ org.openmrs.module:allergyui-web-1.9:[unknown-version], /opt/bamboo5.9/xml-data/build-dir/MIREBALAIS-ALUI-JOB1/web-1.9/pom.xml, line 57, column 21
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@jdegraft, can you provide the URL to the test server? I would be happy to help with some of the testing. Thanks!

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I also have a question whether the testing on Ref App 2.4 should be against with Platform 2.0 or not as Platform 2.0 is already ready for testing and release. Any thought?

Thanks, @ayeung this is the link:

This link is for Reference Application 2.4 UAT. Any feedback on testing can be posted on this thread.

There is also an ongoing effort to test Reference Application on platform 2.0.

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@jdegraft can i have a look at the logs?

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@jdegraft, I just took at look at Ref App Jira and I don’t see the Test Cycle of Ref App 2.4 Manual Testing. I wonder if you can help with cloning from previous test cycle and then rename it? Thanks!

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@jdegraft, sorry I didn’t have the chance to walk you through cloning a test cycle. I went ahead and cloned the functional test cycle to RefApp 2.4 Functional Tests.

@dkayiwa, you should have SSH access to now.

@dkayiwa, have you had a chance to take a look at the logs?

@jdegraft now all should be well.

Thanks, @dkayiwa

@ayeung things should be ready for some testing. Thanks for offering to help. (see RefApp 2.4 Functional Tests)