Help specifying path to the openmrs owa directory for LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER on webpack.config.js

Hey guys, after setting up the cohort builder open web app I tried running npm run watchn and npm run build:deploy, it doesn’t properly update my changes when it rebuilds and reloads my browser and it doesn’t properly deploy the cohort builder app to the owa directory. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Solution to this is by going into your webpack.config.js and specifying the absolute path to your OpenMRS/owa directory and setting it equal to LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER, such that it looks this

  "LOCAL_OWA_FOLDER": "/home/sims01/openmrs/openmrs-server/owa" 

// This "/home/sims01/openmrs/openmrs-server/owa" should be replaced with path to 
// your own directory
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