Help on resolving REPORT-806

Hi , I have fixed issue and raised a pull request to openmrs-module-reporting. Can someone review it please ?


@dilantha you can invite reviewers from GitHub btw:

Note that your PR is closed anyway.

added a comment to github , but your PR is closed. do you have a fresh PR ?

@mozzy @mksd This is the correct PR. Also can you please tell me whom i should add as the reviewers ?

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you can add @dkayiwa

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@mozzy It does not allow me to add any reviewers : i cannot see that option

Thats true , for you to be able to add reviewers , you must have certain priviledges, and in openmrs ,its granted for dev3 and above i guess

can you update the ticket with the right PR ??

@mozzy Updated. Sorry i did not noticed that i have updated the jira with wrong pullrequest