Help on how to add changes

Am working on this issue I have made changes but when type “git add -A” command to add my changes, this is what I get Kindly someone to guide me on the way forward am confused.

sorry juliet about the dilemma, the “git add -A” added everything in the staging and probably some files you did not need them, try running “git reset” to reverse all files into the untracked mode then run “git add .” to specifically add only files that you have made changes too

hey juliet, where u able to resolve the error

True. my work was messed up and am trying to put it in order anyway thanks for the help

@jwnasambu did you consider the hints given by git i.e "git rm --cached openmrs-core " like you said you’re organising your work…You have a repo within a repo …

what do you get with the command "Tree "(assuming you’re usnig Dom-prompt) inside your working folder or rather open power shell enter your working folder and run “ls -a” so we see who is duplicated and deal with them. “ls -a” should work for Git Bash as well because it accepts Unix-like shell commands.

Just in case you’re not yet unblocked :smile:

Thanks @tendomart. I have already cleared the mess.

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