Help on debugging the errors in travis ci

Hello friends , i have encountered some several errors in travis ci when creating a pull request, to my understanding travis ci is the base of finding whether the commits have no errors when it shows all things right with the commit changes orelse when it shows errors meaning your changes need more work(“errors”), But i need help on trying to debug the errors got from travis ci to the external changes made in pull request. thanks cc: @dkayiwa @mozzy, @ruhanga

Can you share the link to the Travis errors or failing build

here is a link

@sharif Share a link to the actual failing build

@ssmusoke that was the error logs from the travis ci after reating a pull request

@ssmusoke am getting you now , just moment

This is it

@sharif as you share the link,do u get a BUILD SUCCESS when u run ‘mvn clean install’ after committing your changes ?

yes @gcliff i get successfull message from the console but the travis ci build is the one that shows errors. so i wanted help on how to figure them out.

is the ticket your working on TRUNK?

can this be of help

Good @cliff Gita i will take a look at it

do your changes pass locally? @sharif

@sharif Travis CI just automatically remotely builds and tests (run Test units ) your code changes .Before you push code , always ensure everything runs fine. >>mvn clean install . Can you share you Pr , and ticket your working on ??

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Can u share the travis build failure direct link to travis and what is the specific repository are u working on :slightly_smiling_face:

For now I can say one thing to look out

remove node_modules from your Git repository, and let Travis install it with npm install

@ssmusoke, @mozzy, @ayesh,@herbert24, thanks, travis ci may have failed due to incompetence in making pull request, i made a mistake from with in master branch . but i have just figured it out. thanks everyone


Not incompetence, but a gap in knowledge…

You are learning and will continuously get better with time …

Even those who have done this for long make similar mistakes, so just keep on improving


@ssmusoke thanks alot .

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