Help needed on working openMRS

Hello everyone,

I recently joined in openMRS, Installed openMRS Standalone. I need some help on how to use openMRS, Where exactly I should begin with, how should I participate in the projects. Can anyone please help me out.

thanks, Sridhar.

Hi Sridhar

The answer to your question will depend on your specific interest. There are a lot of things you can do with OpenMRS. Some want to implement it(use in a medical facility), some are just interested in development, some need it for course work, etc. If you are interested in development, the following will be useful to you,,

If your interest is to implement openmrs, this will be useful to you

But from my experience the implementers guide is usually useful for developers to read too. If your interest differ from the above 2, then someone will propose other resources as I proposed what I mostly interact with.

If you just want to get to know the features of openmrs at a nontechnical level, then have a look implementers guide(though its not that nontechnical :slight_smile: )


Hello Ivange,

Thanks for your quick response, I’m learning on how to implement in a Hospital, I’m not from a computer science background and I’m learning it, so that I can find a job on the Health Informatics side.