Reference application Hello everyone, I am new to OpenMRS and i am working on my first ticket but i have failed to find the repository for the source code. can someone provide a link to me please? [RA-1758] Text box under the radio buttons/checkboxes on "Add new allergy" page is enabled even when "Other" option is not selected - OpenMRS Issues

I have responded on the ticket?

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Yes Sir. thank you

@reganmakanga You will need to first reproduce that issue locally either using sdk, qa server ,demo server or using docker for openmrs to get where the issue is coming from. this should hapen to all issues you ought to handle. Responsed on the ticket .

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@sharif thank you for the guidance

@sharif can you assist me with the index of finding the file containing the code for the checkboxes and radio buttons. i have checked through the different folders in the repository and i couldn’t see them.

Have you reproduced the issue ?

how can i reproduce it?

Login into qa server

Click on find patient app, click on first patient

  1. Go to any patient dashboard
  2. Go to Allergies page
  3. Click “Add New Allergy” button
  4. Make sure the Other radio button/checkbox is not selected
  5. Look at the text inputs under Allergens and Reactions

i have done that. the text box is editable even when the other radio button isnt selected. it shouldnt be editable before one selects the other button , not so?

Have left a comment on the ticket.

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Thanks a lot. :+1:

The allergy page in the source code has a combination of HTML, angularjs, groovy, javascript so as to fix it. I need some advice on which one would be the best way to work on it. Preferably one with a fair learning curve. @dkayiwa