Help! How Do I Use OpenMRS Standalone after Install

Hi Everyone!

I am new to OpenMRS and have downloaded the standalone version for the very first time. I unpacked the “openmrs-standalone-2.5.0” zip file as well as the corresponding database zip files “empty database” and “demodatabase”. After opening the .jar file I eventually have my web browser open to an OpenMRS login screen. Using username: admin and password: test I am brought to a webpage showing OpenMRS “Add On Manager”. I have attempted to try and look for the demo data so I can explore the MRS, but I am stuck at “Add On Manager” screen. How can I get started with OpenMRS standalone version to where I am actually in the MRS, exploring different patients, and creating different patient profiles? Thank you in advance for any and all help provided!

This should be resulting from the version of standalone you downloaded that has no UI, it should be Reference Application standalone