Help deploying OpenMRS in Microsoft Azure cloud?

Application: Microsoft Azure and OpenMRS Platform Version Number: Not sure; assuming latest of both applications

Question: Can anybody provide assistance on how to deploy OpenMRS on Microsoft Azure? I have read some tutorials on Microsoft Azure and have an Azure account.

The issue is, I have no idea how to “Install OpenMRS upon Azure” as stated in the task directions. This task is for Google Code-In, but of course I would be grateful if anybody with Azure and OpenMRS experience could help me! I am using a Mac computer (OS Sierra) so Azure isn’t an application really and neither is OpenMRS; when accessed it shows up like a webpage in Safari.

Thank you in advance!

@myang4570 follows these steps:

  1. Set up a Linux VM (ubuntu or CentOS) on Azure using CLI
  2. Install JDK, Database (MySQL or Oracle) and a container(tomcat) to deploy OpenMRS

Note: Use this wiki page to get further installation details